Vitopel a global company

We are a major provider of Biaxially oriented Polypropylene Films – BOPP solutions, with an important and expressive global presence. 

Sustainable Innovation Hub

100% recyclable raw material

US$ 2M investment (R&D)

Innovative and sustainable developments, with solutions based on the monomaterial assumption and designed for recycling


V.360º Vitopel

Vitopel sustainability

Positive impact

We are committed to joining efforts in looking closely at the life of the Planet and, therefore, we are a company committed to promoting positive environmental impacts, helping to reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions.



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We have a Development & Innovation Center, our MiniLab, equipped with cutting-edge technology that allows us to generate any type of development, test or sample on a pilot scale and at greater speed. With this, we promote agility, lower consumption of raw materials and differentiated service to the market.

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